• New Home wiring
  • 24 Hour emergency outages or repair
  • Renovations
  • Service upgrades
  • Generator Installation or Service
  • Electric Vehicle Charging installation
  • Pool / Hot tub wiring



  • New commercial space wiring
  • Renovations
  • Service upgrades
  • Moving receptacles / adding receptacles
  • Generator / solar panel / electric vehicle charging installation
  • High voltage equipment wiring
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Refrigeration wiring
  • High amperage capacity / big service


Generator Service & Installation

     Mother nature sure has her good days and bad ones. Be prepared with a back up or standby generator for when those blackouts or power outages happen. Ontario has seen an increasing amount of outages in the past few years leading to a lot more people understanding the need for back up power. Loss of heat is always a main factor that comes up of course but modern technology has made it so that a lot of our lives need power to continue either work, family time and contact, or safety.

Its an invenstment into your home that's really worth it. Daniel E Electric is a proud seller of Generac generators for new or existing homes so why not get two birds with one stone and buy your generator from the same company that will install it for you. 


In-Floor Heating

     From heating the floor in a small bathroom to warming your whole house from the floor up, in-floor heat is a great way to keep warm. The heat generates evenly throughout your home and unlike air, won't leave your house with dry air or dust. There is also very low noise level given off by the electric in-floor heat.

If you are looking to renovate a bathroom or adding one on, enjoy warm feet on the tile floor with in-floor heating. Call Daniel E today to talk about the benefits electric in floor heating can bring to your home.


Pole Line Installation

     If you are in need of new service lines for your home or cottage, Daniel E Electric has the equipment and certifications to get the job done right. Contact us today to get started on getting power to your new place


Electric Vehical Charging Stations

     Whether you need it for your home or business, EV's are continuously expanding in our economy and we understand this. While you can plug some of these vehicles into a regular outlet, it takes an exceptionally long time to charge them. The specific EV charging port is a higher voltage outlet but charges at a much faster rate. Due to it being higher voltage, it is best to contact a certified electrican like Daniel E Electric.

     Ontario is showing its support for electric vehicles (EVs) by offering up to $1,000 to help you purchase and install charging stations for home or business use. Contact Daniel E Electric or the MTO to find out whether you're eligible and how to apply for a rebate.


Hot Tub Installation

     The best thing when using a hot tub, is that it is working properly and safely. Electricity is dangerous, especially around water. This is why hot tub manufacturers and sales will always recommend hiring a licensed electrician to wire and install your spa or hot tub for you. Electrical wiring around water needs additional safety measures including special breakers and disconnects. Daniel E can provide all the right service giving you the peace of mind you want when relaxing. Contact us today to connect your hot tub safely.

Note: Hottubs can be a lot to add to a panel if your panel is close to a full load. We can always upgrade your service to allow for more circuits such as the hot tub or other electrical devices you may wish to add.